HMRC - 'Request a Repayment' - error page

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I was trying to request a repayment for one of my clients who had overpaid tax last year through the CIS scheme and the HMRC site just sends me to an error page - page not found. This is so annoying. They take the money quick enough, but make it so difficult to get a refund. :mad2: (moan over)


  • farmergiles
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    Believe it or not, we have already received refunds for returns filed by internet during January. Has anyone one else had this prompt a reply?
    I should imagine that postal filed returns will be put to the bottom of the pile and paid out later in the year, just to force everyone to file on line!
  • Poodle
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    My fastest was filed online 17:38 on the 23rd January, refund in my bank account to deduct my fee and pay balance onto client, 30th January.

  • Dottie
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    HMRC request a refund

    I too have had problems with this. The site says client is due a refund, but when you request the refund it says no refund is due...confused!? In the end spoke to an online assistant who said there was not a problem they were aware of, but she would look into it. Still waiting to hear back.........

  • claudialowe
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    I had a refund into my client account within 4 days at the end of January. In the good ol' days of paper returns it used to take until the end of March for returns done in January......

    I know that the system couldn't cope, but all in all I had no problems this year with FBI - OK my last return went in about half an hour before the system crashed on 30th, but I have been impressed - and it is not often that I say that about HMRC :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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