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Does anyone else use cash accounting scheme on sage.... i have cheque payments on supplier accounts that have not cleared and been re-issued.

how do i cancell these....when i go into writeoff/refunds it says not to use this function when using cash accounting.

Any help greatly appreciated please.


  • sarahwilson
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    I don't use the cash accounting but I use Sage. You will have to make sure everyone is out of the system, that you are out of all screens within Sage and that you have the correct level on your log in to do it. Hope that helps
  • whiterose
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    You have to do it by issuing dummy credit notes/invoices. From within Sage, go to the help menu and find the info re writeoffs, refunds, returns using cash accounting. It goes into detail about how to do it.
  • msf
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    thankyou for the replies...

    whiterose.....thats just what i needed, step by step info how to deal with these.
    i have entered the dummy invoices in ledger and posted to misposting account, then the same entries in bank receipts and posted them to misposting account.

    great it all works for a change.

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