Unit 10 Project please help!

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Hi i would be very grateful if someone could help me out.

Im doing my project based on a simulation Premier print limited and i have done most of the sections and even a SWOT analysis but im stuck on the section for ANALYSIS OF CURRENT SYSTEM. i dont know what to write about exactly because as i have done the SWOT analysis in the appendices would i still have to write the strengths and weaknesses as part of this section too.

Please help

Thanks :)


  • speegs
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    I think that the SWOT is the analysis of the current system as you have to analyse the system to be able to do the SWOT. Therefore, what I suggest you do is this:

    1) Keep the main SWOT analysis for the whole company that you have done in the appendix, as you have.

    2) Do a smaller SWOT for the specific area you are working on and put that in the main body of your report an the analysis of the current system for the section you are going to write about.

    I hope that makes sence. Give me a shout if you need anymore help.

    Speegs :)
  • koolboi2007
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    thanx alot

    i appreciate your help. I have to finish this project by end of march and also Unit 8 will finish then. After april we start unit 9 and business taxation. I aslo have to retake my auditing exam at the end of march. I will have 3 exams in june altogether. How do you think I should organise my time so i get enough time to revise for each unit?

  • speegs
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    I have no idea i'm afraid. I have only ever done one unit at a time.

  • Roberta
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    I did Unit 10 during last year, and was desperate to get it finished with. But its one of these things, that takes time to do, and rushing it won't help. Why do you need to finish it by end of March? I did mine during the day at work (during lunch break) and did my studying at night for the other 3 exams I had to do. Would this help you?
  • koolboi2007
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    Thanx for your advice Roberta. I have to hand the project it by end of march because im currently doing Unit 10 project and Unit 8 PEV. So end of march we will be starting Unit 9 PCR and business taxation. You see im studying part time. I just wanted to know how i can organise my time so I revise for the 4 units equally because I have to also retake Unit 11 DFS in June.

    Thanx for your advice
  • hevmc1712
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    I went to see my tutor last week and she said that the analysis is just an expansion of your swot analysis. She said just do a paragraph on each strength, weakness etc. I'm going to see her again on monday so I'll know then if its ok
  • Samie1609
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    I understand were your coming from i'm doing intermediate level n just started the case study and had it for a month n can't make head nor tales of it at the mo n we're doing all our sims at the minute then got exams in june.
    plus i've got a small 5mth old son who doesn't let me sleep, so i'm finding it hard to priorites my time to get everythin done.
    (wot does swot mean)
    i've not been able to figure out what is wrong with the case study apart from the lass having so much sick time off :) n i feel so stupid every time i read thinking wot am i missing :)
  • Jan
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    Samie SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. Need to do one for project at Tech level, not sure what your case study is so can't help there.

    Don't be too hard on yourself - how anybody does anything with a 5 month old always amazes me! Concentrate on the things that you need to do NOW ie the sims. Its still a few months yet before June by which time your son will be sleeping through (I thought my daughter was never going to, believe me it happens eventually :001_smile:) and you will be able to concentrate on the exams. Set yourself small targets - once you start getting through them you will feel better.
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