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I have written an article for an accountancy magazine which has been published on the accoutancy students website about Cash Flow Statements. I know a lot of technician students doing DFS often struggle with these. The article is written from the perspective of UK FRS 1 (rather than IAS 7) but both things do "what it says on the tin". I hope it is useful to you:


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  • beverly hudson
    beverly hudson Registered Posts: 95 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    Definitely well worth a read.
    Peugeot you should think about writing books; you would make a fortune you are brilliant.

  • shaxxa
    shaxxa Registered Posts: 82 πŸ’« 🐯 πŸ’«
    Thanks Steve, an excellent article!
  • peugeot
    peugeot Registered Posts: 624
    Thank you for your feedback.The next one in the series is about IAS 19 (employee benefits) - I will post a link also though IAS 19 is not examinable in AAT. That standard is particularly complicated and i did have difficulty trying to simplify it to make it easy to read. Hopefully people will understand it and help them get their head around the standard!

    We'll see!!:001_unsure:

    Best wishes
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