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i am waiting for my dec 2007 AAT exam results and wish to continue with ACCA , i am alsO considering to take up a course in finance to get my there any point in this as i have read that i will receive my bachelors after completing my ACCA. is ACCA the same level as a bachelor in finance or are they different subjects altogether>?

I would also like to know what i can do after ACCA is MBA the only option. I am looking for better options and any advice regarding the above.

thank you


  • peugeot
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    ACCA do offer the Oxford Brookes Degree which you can do whilst studying for your ACCA qualification. More details of this can be found on ACCA's website.

    If you're not too tired/fed up with all the studying once you qualify as an ACCA then they do offer further qualifications once you become a qualified accountant. I qualified in 2005 and am now doing their Advanced IFRS/IAS Diploma which I will sit in June (totally dreading it!!) Though it is a necessity for me to do the course due to my work and the eventual move over from FRS to IAS for companies in the UK. MBA's aren't the only qualification post ACCA qualification.

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    thanks... and all this would be distance learning? as i am nt in uk..
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