Which Final Accounts Package???

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Hello all. I really need some advice on which final accounts package to buy. I haven't used one before - but have heard that IRIS is very good - also VT Accounts.
I need somethingthat will produce the year end accounts, also CT returns and the other returns in relation to Inland Revenue.

I would appreciate all feedback.

Many Thanks in advance:huh:


  • Poodle
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    Hi Jennifer

    I have no experience of any other package than the Sage Compliance Suite that does everthing for me.

    It was a bit expensive though, but Sage support is very good and they gave me three years interest free credit when I started and that was a great help.

    Have a look on their website for details, its called the accountants club.

  • jennifer
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    Thanks - I did consider Sage- but when you say expensive - a ball park figure????

    I was told IRIS was expensive but had nothing to measure it against!

    Thanks again.:thumbup:
  • Poodle
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    Hi Jenifer,

    I paid approx £5k in 2005. This gave me everything I needed for my practice including line 50 with up to 25 companies. I also had complete support ( including all updates) for 3 years in with the package. I even managed to get someone out and install for me and train me on how to use the software included!

    I am quite quick at picking up software packages and this one can be a bit tricky at times but I like Sage and the support is there.

    Sage account managers appear to be quite negotiable for accountants in practice as you make potential sales! you should get several quotes though and if you say that you are looking at several packages I think that you will be amazed with what they may offer.

    I purchased my payroll bureax separately about £350 I think, but you may be able to bundle it all up together.

  • burg
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    PTP is run by Iris and is alot cheaper when you are starting out.

    Its about £115 for 10 company accounts package

    Then Sole trader tax software for 25 clients is another £115

    then another £115 for Ltd Companies.

    You can just keep upgrading.


    It's easy to use but not as easy as Iris but will save you the money for when you are first setting up.


  • msf
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    just to add my thoughts on the the right package, and cost.

    I enquired about Irish package the startup was
    10 companies
    10 CT & partnerships
    20 SA returns
    cost was 605 + vat

    i dont have any partnerships, therefore that module was extra cost that i dont need.

    So for now i will continue to use my existing setup:
    VT for final accounts (unlimited companies)
    PTP for SA (25 returns) / CT (10 returns)
    Moneysoft for payroll - unlimited
    cost approx 600+vat

    hope this helps.

  • George
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    VT for Bookkeeping and Final Accounts
    Legatio FTax
    Moneysoft Payroll

    Unbeatable value!

    (Did I read £5k for Sage..........!!!!?)
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