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Unit 5: Simulation D1895

coco78coco78 New MemberRegistered Posts: 8

Please can anyone explain where does it state in the simulation that £956.20 is David King personal income tax and £6000 is additional capital invested by Janet Slater. I have been reading the simulation over and over again but still can't find the info on the data task booklet and answer booklet.

Appreciate if someone can help me. I have to resit for this unit in March.

Many Thanks :confused1:


  • maya_kad@hotmail.com[email protected] Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    if you can find it, please can you inform me please as well..i could not find as weel, how they decided it belongs to these people..

    did you do simulation 4 in workbook...i stucked in suspense account...
  • coco78coco78 New Member Registered Posts: 8

    Thank you for your reply.

    I will put it on the suspense account for the £6000 and create a ledger account for misc expense and post the £956.20 there.
  • louiselouise Feels At Home Registered Posts: 49
    it in the answer book, your teacher shoul let you know that.
  • coco78coco78 New Member Registered Posts: 8

    Please can you tell me the page number. I am distance learning student therefore no tutor.
    Many thanks.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 103,155
    You should ask your teacher for the answer, does it not say so on your simulation
  • Gentle JesusGentle Jesus Well-Known Registered Posts: 241
    yea aqxmmc is rite i have just dun the simulation aswell

    after you finish writing the note it say ask ya tutor bout it n they will tell you where it belongs to.

    if you r doing the simulation at home for revision you will have to look at the answer booklet about it. :)

    Gentle Jesus
  • SystemSystem Posts: 103,155
    Where did the name come from, (little jesus)
  • SystemSystem Posts: 103,155
    Sorry, gentle jesus
  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    When you attemp the skills test 1895 they should be done in tasks order.

    Once you have completed task 7 ( See the note just above where it asks you to draft journals) it says " once you have completed this task you should ask your assessor to explain what these items represent"

    The purpose of task 7 is to establish your knowledge and understanding of how the accounting systems of payment and receipt functions. And you must describe how would you go about finding information about a particular payment or receipt.

    Once you have done this then The ASSESSOR/Tutor will be able to give you the following information: (It is not printed in your Data and Task or Answer booklet. That information will be held by your Tutor.)

    Payment of £956.20 represents David Kings's income tax.
    Receipt of £6000 represents further capital introduction by Janet Slater

    If you are doing a practice simulation then your tutor should provide you with this information separately.
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