Doing ECR and FRA together?

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Just finished the first year and will begin the second year at the end of March. Obviously, I want to finish AAT as soon as possible, so I was wondering what you guys think of fast tracking the second year and taking ECR and FRA together? Has anyone here done that? How did you find it? Would you recommend it?

I've read a couple of threads where people say they took two or more exams at the same time, they seem to have found it harder but not impossible. I did actually find the first year fairly easy :blushing:, but how mush harder does the second year get?

Any advice much appreciated


  • SalG
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    Hi Matt,
    do you mean starting them both now & taking them in June? As i think that's do-able if you're willing to put the hours in.
    I know a lot of people take them both in the same year, ie 9 moths ish study, then the exams.
  • sarahwilson
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    I'm hoping to do this Matt in June, I need to get my foot on the gas though I am just about through FRA and need to do practice exams like a madman.
  • LondonMatt
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    Yeah, I mean taking both courses at the same time, then having both exams on the same day. I've just checked the schedule I was sent, and its 11 weeks from the first class, to the exams. That sounds quite short for two exams?

    Also, if I finish in June, I'm not confident I'll have the money for the 3rd year to start in September - paying for the course myself. So I'd be reliant on gaining a new, better paying job before I finish the second year.

    Reading that back, makes me lean toward taking them separately :(
  • rileymh
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    Hi Matt
    Even though my user name is different, I am BirminghamMatt. You can PASS both but you must start studying now. Buy the textbooks for ECR AND FRA and begin studying now. This will give you a very strong advantage for your class in March.
    I have just passed the FRA and ECR and I am taking 2 technician exams in June PTC AND BTC. I'm no genius, below average GCSE grades lol
    My advice for studying may be questionable but hey I'm a distance learner.
    1. Do not waste too much time looking through the textbooks, you need to attack the past papers as soon as you understand the basics.
    2. Don't feel bad looking through the answers if you don't understand the questions fully, you will learn from this. You will gain a much better understanding of the subject doing this.
    3. Most importantly what one of the other users said, be prepared to apply yourself for large periods of time. Hours and hours, time consuming but will pay dividends my friend.

    Ultimately go for it! my advice do both, just put in the time.

    Good luck mate!
  • phunkyphantom22
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    I did ECR and FRA together and, with a bit of hard work, found it fine and passed both. As long as you put in the hours and work at it, you'll be fine.

    The June exams start Mon 16th June - therefore you have 16 weeks to study.

    The exams won't be on the same days - ECR is on Mon 16th and FRA on Weds 18th.
  • LondonMatt
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    Yep, I've decided now to take both together. Get this 2nd year out of the way as soon as I can - I *know I can pass, so why wait?

    It'll be difficult, what with my **new job :cool2:, but as a very wise man once said - "He who dares, Rodney. He who dares..."

    *Oh, I do like to tempt fate...

    **I still can't stop smilling :lol::lol:
  • Jimmy1588
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    good on you mate. I have just had my exam results and passed both ECR, FRA 3 Skills Test and started a new job in one sitting. I had excellent help on day release for FRA and did ECR in the afternoons. It did drain me as I had to travel for an hour on the train everytime I went to study, but the feeling I got when i knew Intermediate was over made me forget it all. I do however disagree with a few points. One, i would say that past papers should be left. There are only so many and it is better to do them all in one hit right at the end a couple of weeks before the exams to familiarise yourself with the format just before the exams. My suggestion is to study hard and concentrate on the skills test, as these are more in depth and complex that the external exams, and with that comes a unfounded knowledge of the basics which made the external exams a darn site easier than i ever expected.

    Anyways good luck!!
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