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Does unit 10 have to be done?

danhdanh Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1

Just wondered whether the unit 10 project has to be completed in order to be fully qualified as i cant see anywhere that says i will not get my level 4 certificate if i dont do it?

And as i am going on to do CIMA now obviously i want to take advantage of the exemptions but again cant see anywhere that says unit 10 has to be completed in order to take advantage.



  • DevilishbirdDevilishbird Feels At Home Registered Posts: 56
    Hi Dan,

    Yes the unit has to be done in order to become qualified at Level 4. If you don't do it then you are not deemed as competent and therefore you don't receive your certificate and application for full membership. The unit provides evidence that you are competent and have knowledge of what is required. Think of it also as an insight as to what the Upper bodies will expect from you in terms of writing reports etc
  • jorja1986jorja1986 Well-Known Registered Posts: 210
    It makes up your certificate.

    When you get your statement through it says on there about unit 10 complete or not.

    Not evidence like DevilishBird says no pass. It is a pain unit but once you start it is pretty plain sailing lots of people will help you on the forums if you are struggling for any reason.
  • joyridejoyride Feels At Home Registered Posts: 62
    what is section 10?
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