Book-keeping rules for non-AAT members

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Hello everyone,

I have a colleague who is bragging about the fact even though they are not AAT qualified and also not a member, they are lending their bookeeping services to small businesses. I would like to know if this is in any way illegal, and if any documentation is needed in order to pass this by HMRC to avoid complications.

Any feedback on this matter is greatly appreciated.



  • shaxxa
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    How annoying!!:glare:

    An experienced bookkeeper does not have to have qualifications by law, it's the same with accountants, many are not qualified, only by experience.
    However, it would be unlawful if your colleague misled anyone saying they had a bookkeeping qualification and that is not the case.
    You can argue the case that without a qualification and professional body behind you that where are the professional ethics & guidelines that can be refered to when needed.
    As far as HMRC are concerned, it makes no difference to them who does the bookkeeping/accounts. There are no such regulations in place.
    Hopefully in the future, you will be flying high with your hard earned qualifications and your colleague will be still doing bookkeeping for small business's.
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    I think maybe she has been bitten by the jealousy bug, as I am half her about half her age and am progressing on to ACCA in September, where as she never progressed from Intermediate level.

    I will try to tactfully advise her she needs to have some sort of safety net behind her in the way of being a member of the AAT for example, and having expert advice on hand for complicated issues.
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