kel524ukkel524uk Feels At HomePosts: 27Registered
Hi all

i am really struggling with DFS does anyone have any revision tips to learning the FRS's??? and remembering the new names for the income statements


  • RobertaRoberta New Member Posts: 6Registered
    Not really; I was struggling to remember as well. But I did it second time round, so I'm sure you'll do ok.
  • karenvkarenv Well-Known Posts: 114Registered
    Im ploughing through it too.
    We will get there eventually....
  • kerryw888kerryw888 Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    Don't worry too much about remembering FRS's. But note they are now IAS's!
    Learn the content not the numbers as that doesn't really matter but it's only one small question. Concentrate more on Cash Flow Statements and Consolidated Balance Sheets / Profit & Loss Statements as they are worth the big points!
    Just passed DFS and thought I'd failed so was pleasantly suprised! :thumbup1:
  • karenvkarenv Well-Known Posts: 114Registered
    That helps a lot.
    I can usually remember the theory behind the IAS's but not the numbers. I was struggling trying to remember these.
    I think ive managed to get the hang of the Cash flow, consolidated balance sheets / Profit and losses. Need a little more practice to become confident yet though!
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