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Good afternoon,
after more than ten years as a member I am starting to find that "clients"
expect services at an extremely low cost and am losing business to non chartered competitors prepared to undercut; is this a general concern.I would appreciate some input
as regards fees;obviously different parts of the United Kingdom will vary;
Hourly rate approx used as my benchmark in Wales;
PAYE £12
VAT £12
This is a broad brush approach but I am finding that fees charged by local
chartered firms are far in excess and would appreciate fellow members thoughts as I
may be undervalueing the work I undertake due to costs incurred or are my fees unrealistic within the work environment,-- plumbers at £50 p/h.etc.


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    Hi Paul
    If those are typical of hourly rates in Wales, what must the competitors charge if undercutting?
    I would generally expect for bookkeeping an hourly rate between £12 & £20 depending on level of experience.
    How do you charge out? Is it hourly or a fixed fee obviously depending on what is involved?
    As a MIP I tend to charge fixed fees for the majority of my clients who are mainly sole traders, Partnerships with a couple of Ltd co.
    Some you gain and on others you lose out but then I also revaluate the next time.
    If I charged out on a hourly rate I would certainly be richer but I am properly one of those competitors who undercut those other Accountants in their nice offices whose overheads are a lot higher than mine. (I work from Home).
    Having said that, I like to give a fair price and will probably never be rich.
    Have you looked on AccountingWeb, there are several threads on there concerning what to charge.
    I personally think the rates quoted are very reasonable and there is scope for increase, if others are undercutting then they must be a lot poorer than me :lol:
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    You are Kidding!

    Those rates are ridiculously low.

    I am based in Lancashire and my charge out rates are Rate A £65, Rate B £45. A being finalisation post TB, tax and consultancy. Rate B being prep work, bk and vat.

    We are picking up a lot of work from medium size businesses who are paying in excess of £100 per hour. I have a letter from a large firm who will remain nameless touting for consultancy/ investigation work from me and there partners rates noted are £320 per hour.

    I pay my staff more than £12 per hour.

    You say you’re losing to non chartered, are you chartered or AAT?
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    Guest - your fees are higher than mine but I have to say much higher than Paulr.

    So to quote the 2 Ronnies scetch.. I look up at Guest and down at Paulr:laugh:

    At the risk of upsetting any Welsh Nationals out there (and that is not my intention at all !!) I suggest that you either;

    1 Move out of Wales


    2 Review your practice, there could be other reasons why you are losing customers, unrelated to fees

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