From where to start?

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I would like to start doing some courses in accounting. But I do not know from where to start. What I know, I would like to go as far as possible.

Please, help me to find my way?

Thank you.



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    Its up to you really where you would prefer to start, it really depends on your experience & condifence doing it.
    I've worked in accounts for almost 4 years now, but decided to start at the Foundation stage as I knew there may be things I hadn't learnt in my day to day job. I'm glad I did, because although I knew most of it, it has helped give me a better understanding of the reasons why things are the way they are (something you will only get through study).

    If you do the AAT first, its 3 stages, Foundation, Intermediate & Technician. Each stage can take up to 1 year, however, once you have completed the techician stage, I believe you can apply for exemptions from the ACCA/ACA/CIMA. I aim to do the AAT, then go on to the ACCA (ACCA is better if you want to work in practice I think, so I am told), but if you want to work for a different type of company within the accounts section, them CIMA may be the best route.
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    Where to start

    I applied for AAT Foundation at my local college, I have been in an administrative/accounting post for the last 20 years since leaving school and put my experince on my college application. The college rang me and said that I should enter at intermediate level they recommended a book for catch up before starting. After reading the book 'Basic book-keeping' !! I decided that Foundation was the way to go, thank god I did. The basics are not bad but unless you've tackled double entry in your job then start at foundation.
    Hope this helps
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