unit 10 k & u

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hi all!!
I almost finished my project. I covered all performance criteria, but not almost all knowledge and understanding part.
Specially I am confused how to right about the principle of supervision and delegation inside my project.


  • karenvkarenv Well-Known Posts: 114Registered
    Did you cover an area where you explained the way in which work was deligated with in a department?

    I wrote about things such a s daily meetings, how work was allocated to people etc. This covered these points.
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    FYI My project is based on AAT simulation.

    Yes I mentioned about meeting and job allocation but I didn’t understand how this relates to principal of supervision and delegation.
  • karenvkarenv Well-Known Posts: 114Registered
    You are showing that you understand the way the boss supervises the staff and divides up the work.
    The k&u's are not easily deciphered but this was enough to cover supervision and deligation in my project.
  • wowwow Settling In Nicely Posts: 17Registered
    If it is like that it is ok.

    thx kar for ur swift reply kar
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