A little bit of help please.

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Hi i'm new to this whole AAT thing and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out.
I was just wondering do you have to join a college in order to take this course or can it be self taught?
As well as this i was wondering when would be the best time to join up? The college course i am looking to attend starts in September, but part of me would like to start now and give myself a good chance now if this course can be self taught.
Also any feedback on how its all gone for you would be great help!
I know the website could tell me all this information but i thought its best coming from the people who actually take the course.
K x :001_smile:


  • Jan
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    It is possible to go it alone - see posts by sebastianforbes or pm him!

    There is also distance learning - google for providers and you should come up with Premier, BPP, Kaplan etc (not in any order of recommendation) - although I think you have to be registered as a student by next week if you want to take June exams.
    I attended college - really depends on you and if you can disciplin yourself to get down to study and how much support you get from work.
    Good luck & wecome to AAT forum
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    I went through a college but didnt have much luck.:glare:

    I would still recommend a college though as there is a structure that you cant always acheive through self learning and distance learning. Not everything you need to know can be taught in a book. Tutors may have an easier or different way of teaching you the different types of analysis and layouts of balance sheets that stick in your mind rather than reading " A goes here etc etc". The layout is always the same but there are different methods of teaching it.

    However I would say start doing some reading and testing yourself now, that way you will be ahead of the game and the course will just enhance what you know. :thumbup:
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    Self study or College


    I did my AAT by both methods!

    I studied for Level 2 whilst attending a full time BTEC National course as the Accountancy module in that course was covered by the GCSE Accounting course I had done beforehand via supported self study. So my BTEC tutor set me off on AAT. Unfortunately by the time I finished the BTEC I was exempt from Level 2 anyway. But it kept me occupied!

    Level 3, I studied on my own at home as by this time I was in my first full time accountancy job! Took me a couple of years due to a colleague going on maternity leave and me being the one to pick up her job as well as my own. I didn't fancy looking at more finance when I got home!

    Level 4, I attended college one day a week with full support of my work. I wouldn't recommend doing this level any other way.

    So if you are disciplined enough to keep on track with your studies, home may work. There's nothing like having friends/tutors though to discuss problem areas.

    If I had to do it again, I would recommend doing it through a College.
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