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I want to close down a ltd company. It's not bankrupt or being sold, it's just ceasing to trade. What is the terminolgy for this so that I know how to tell company's house!? I don't want to make it go into liquidation or anything, just simply to end.

Many thanks for your help.


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    There is a special procedure that you have to go through - just in case there are any creditors lurking anyway - I would check the companies house website, as it is really, really useful and will be able to answer all your questions - and if not, give them a call - they are there to help you.

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    You will have to fill in an application for striking off (form 652 i think), which is downloadable from co house website.

    Client just has to sign and pay £10.

    Make sure all tax has been paid as Inland rev will object to the striking off if they think they are owed money by the company, this has happened to me a few times

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