New Practice - Your Views, Please?

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My situation is after completing my AAT I’m currently working through a Degree at Northumbria Uni. and I’m keen to continue my academic studies. I've been looking at a Masters, and then depending on the success of the Masters perhaps a PhD!

The problem is part-time 'employment' isn't an option, however part-time 'self-employment' has the potential to cater for my financial needs.

My reluctance to go self employed is due to only having 4 years of practice experience; many of the other threads are from people who have 10+ years of experience.

So what I’d like to know is do you people (ppl who have already done it) think if I focus on my strengths (the work I do for my practice now) it could successful?

I’m considering book keeping would be the main focus and also sole traders tax returns I’m comfortable with those and obviously payroll I’m a dab hand at that too!

Many thanks
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