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Moving on to Technician stage now I have finished Intermediate and got my SOA last week - I have been with Premier up till now but am changing supplier as they have been a little unreliable this year - Two changes of tutor and I only just got my units 6 & 7 skills tests back even though they were sent at end of Sept & end of Oct - Plus I had to beg Kaplan to let me sit at their Reading offices as there were no other venues near me that were accepting outside candidates

Anyway, I am rambling, I was gonna go to BPP at Reading but just having done a search no one seems to talk about them that well for distance learning - So now I am confused - Any advice

Finally - I was wondering if you are supposed to sit the exams in any particular order as I already know I can't do PCR in June cos I am going to Ladies Day at Ascot ( My Hen do in fact!) - So thought I might start with BTC & PTC for June and do the rest in Dec - What do you reckon?


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    I'm currently only studying the Foundation stage, but I am studying as a distance student too. I'm with Eagle education & training, and I have had nothing but good responses from them. They aim to respond to every query within 24 hours, and you have an e-mail address, landline & mobile number for your tutor. They have been really helpful for me, and when I went to sit the exam it appeared I had learnt more than the students who were actually attending college, I got that impression from the conversations with students & some of the questions they asked were just plain silly!! lol. Have a look into Eagle, I researched a few before chosing them, and they were reccommended to me from a friend too, and she only has good things to say about them too.
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    No it does not matter which order you do the exams in, so you'll be fine to do the 2 tax exams in June. One thing I would say though is, when you decide to do them, do PEV and PCR together as they tie in nicely together.
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    I signed up with BPP in January to study for the Diploma by Distance learning. My experience so far has not been a happy one. I have had no information from them as to what is expected of me in terms of sending in mocks and sitting for simulations, what my fees include and don't include, you have to chase them a lot of the time and at the end of it you are still at a loss. I am completely new to this so need my hand held!

    I have no experience of Accountancy so I am completely green, I am finding their course companion books fairly vague and they tend to explain simple things in quite complicated ways. I have purchased Frank Woods 'Business Accounting vol 1' which is much more user friendly, and you can access the supporting website for the book. I am still waiting on access to the BPP HomeStudy Extra website!! :huh:

    But saying all that I am really enjoying studying again after twelve years, the complete change in direction is very refreshing and it is strangely interesting!!
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    BPP are complete rubbish!
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    hey there pigpen,

    i used both ftc and bpp in reading for my simulations !!!

    definitely go with bpp...

    buy your distance learning unit as usual (either online or by phone from bpp).
    give reading bpp a call on 01189 596166 and ask for lisa (she's fantastic !) so that you can book your simulation. better to book several weeks in advance.

    wait for a week or so afterwards for the result, and confirmation letter !

    it doesn't get any easier. i've done it 3 times now !!!
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    Distance learning

    My dad has been a sole practitioner for 20 years and in partnership for the last 20 (Chartered Accountant) and highly recommends BPP, hope this is of use.:001_smile:
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    Thaks everyone for your help :thumbup:

    To be honest I am quite self sufficient whilst studying and didn't need an awful lot of help from Premier last year - My biggest difficulty was finding somewhere local to sit the exams as most places that teach it don't offer exam places to outside students - Luckily Kaplan Reading let me do them there. My company pay my course fees so thats not really an issue either

    I looked at Eagle training and whilst they come highly reccomended I would have the same problems as to wherre to sit the exams this year as they are "up North" - From me anyway

    I bought the text book for Units 8 & 9 back in Jan and have nearly completed unit 8 - Just a bummer that I can't sit the exam four unit 9 in June as well cos of other commitments.
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