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Hello everyone. in need of some help.

does anyone have a current stocklist template that i could use to keep track of stock. something like stock = X
+ Additions=x
- sales =X


  • Poodle
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    Hi jhil

    I do not have one set up but you could create a simple one with the following formula that will help to track numbers of items, not value

    Head up row 1 as follows

    1A Stock detail
    1B Stock code
    1C Opening stock
    1D Purchases
    1E Sales
    1F Closing stock

    I would suggest that you then reformat the cells from row 2 downwards to general numbers that match your units

    Then in
    2F enter the formula =C2+D2-E2
    and paste this formula down enough rows to cover number of stock items

    then start entering your stock

    2A enter your stock name (no formula)
    2B enter the stock code (no formula)
    2C enter the number of items held at opening stock
    2D enter number of items purchased
    2E enter the number of items sold
    2D will automatically calculate the result.

    and so on down the rows.

    jhill, I see from other threads that you are using Sage. If you have sage line 50 you could elect to use the stock control option there and that will enable you to keep stock values as well, thus saving duplication of work.

  • jhill
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    cheers poodle. if i have any further trouble i will let you know
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