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Dear all,

Firstly I must appologise that I have hidden my ID from other forum users for this thread and not logged on with my usual name. My reason for this is that I am aware that this is not a closed forum.

I also appologise for this being such a long thread however, what I would like to say, I think may be of interest to other MIP's

I had reason last week to contact HMR&C regarding an 'ex client' for whom I stopped working for over a year ago, owed me money and for whom HMR&C keep sending me copies of reminders being sent to the 'ex-client' regarding the filing of returns.

I was aware that this particular client had stopped trading, waiting for one of the creditors to start proceedings and I had previously spoken to HMR&C regarding this.

I had reason to go onto Companies House website for something else and just had a look (as you do)to see if anything had been lodged yet and I saw that the Registrar was in the process of removing the company through lack of information.

I decided to call HMR&C to advise them of this new fact and to ask what was happening as I was aware that if the accounts were finalised then a liability to CT would exist and a significant debit balance created on a DLA to satisfy not only the creditors but also the CT. (The director is personally asset rich)

I was in all naivety expecting them to take control and say that they would persue this further but to my horror they advised me to make a SOCA disclosure.

In shock I telephoned the AAT for advice.

I now have no choice but to go down this route and submit the report as my call will be lodged some where by someone at HMR&C and if I do not then it could come back to haunt me.

The point of my thread is that I would strongly urge any of you MIP's with similar problems to take advice from the AAT first before going to the authorities. For those of you who attended the EGM you will know of the gentleman who has been retained as advisor and he is very good.

I took a second look at my AAT subs when they arrived recently but now I understand exactly why they have been increased.



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    I'm unsure of some of the contents from what you have posted. I'm not sure that you have to report anything.

    I would recommend contacting David Winch at he specialises in this area.


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