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Too much PAYE tax deducted

TABTAB Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 39
Hi all,

A new client of mine has had benefits in kind that have a 100% business use included within her tax codes for 8 years or so. Therefore she has had too much tax deducted. Am I right in thinking that a claim to HMRC can go back 6 years from this current tax year, ie 2002/03? I've searched HMRC website & this forum (as I'm sure there was a similar question once before) for ages and can't find an answer. :001_unsure:


  • paulrpaulr Feels At Home Registered Posts: 48
    Good morning,
    normally the 5 years 10 months rule applies --- 6 years.
    If you are intimating P11D issues as your info does not fully specify;
    incorrect submission would probably raise penalties for the Company;
    however if the company incorrectly submitted "wrong" details the approach
    may be mistake/error to self assessment section of the district as regards
    your clients individual tax return,any adjustment can be asked to be rectified.
    If you do submit a letter there is mileage in just asking for what you feel
    your client is "owed";as the saying goes if you dont ask you dont get;
    HMRC may "overlook" the lengh of time depending on who looks at the
    facts,also you may want clearance to try to prevent enquiries being raised,
    best wishes,
  • TABTAB Feels At Home Registered Posts: 39
    Hi Paulr,

    The P11D's were correct it was a case of HMRC inserting expenses she incurred in doing her job into the codes. If she filed tax returns this entry would go on the back of the employment page "expenses you incurred in doing your job" and wouldn't be included within the tax calculation. As she doesn't file tax returns I intended to write to HMRC and ask for a refund dating back to 2002/03.

    Please could explain more on your last sentence "you may want clearance to try to prevent enquiries being raised".

    Many thanks,
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