Unit 10 Project - SWOT analysis?

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Hello to everyone :cool2: (my first post on here!)

I'm currently working on my project for Unit 10, and expect many others are in the same boat! I'm doing the AAT simulation (PPL). Does anyone know if the SWOT analysis which I've done of the whole accounting system will count as making up most of my 'Analysis of the present system' section? Or should a SWOT analysis be an appendix which is referred to from the main text? (which will reduce my word count :huh:)

Any advice appreciated, thanks


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    I think its gonna go in the appendix, and gonna have to be referred to
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    Hi Msmith

    The SWOT analysis does make up part of the analysis of the accounting system, however, you should also analyse the staff and any problems they may be having, and the IT functions (if you haven't already). I would then put the overall SWOT analysis into your appendices instead of wasting valuable waffling space, and then waffle on about it/refer to it in the many body of your report.

    If you have any other questions I will be more than happy to assist if I can. I am not a tutor, but really went to town on my project and enjoyed it so much that I love helping others with there projects if I can.

    Speegs :)
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