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Morning, I was just wondering if anyone has done the cash accounting simulation, im looking a maybe doing it but my college wont be able to teach us on this option so i was thinking about sudying it myself. (is it difficult?)


  • CJC
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    Well, I wouldn't say 'difficult' exactly, although there is a fair amount of stuff to cover including a lot of factual information regarding the UK banking system and various investment scenarios. In addition when I did the test last year, it took every minute of the four hours to complete (not including the corrections and oral questioning).

    The real upside from a study viewpoint is that there's a considerable amount of crossover with other units. Cash budgeting is pretty similar to large parts of PCR and financial ratios are just as in DFS and PEV. I found PCR a doddle having covered budgeting in this unit first.

    Overall, while there is a fair bit to learn, on the actual number crunching side it's probably more straightforward than the other units and you'll find you've either covered some aspects before anyway or they'll stand you in good stead for things to come.
  • kellbell
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    Thanks for that, im just hoping that i can do the simulation aswell as study for the june exams! The pressure is on :thumbup:
  • SandyHood
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    I think you can study it on your own, but I would recommend you to see either a tutor or a recent successful student, just to make sure you have covered all the key areas just to sharpen you up before the simulation.

    This is a simulation unit, so make sure you cover all the performance criteria, all the range statements and all the knowledge and understanding in the student record.
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    kellbell wrote: »
    The pressure is on :thumbup:
    Well that's Technician level for you :001_smile:
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    I have just finished my Cash Management sim and like someone said before I spent every single minute of the 4 hours completing because of the sheer amount of writing that I had to do. And probably developed RSI in the process :lol:

    Although despite that, I would definitely recommend it as parts of do lead on to the other units which is helpful...and I found it incredibly easy.

    There was maybe two or three questions that were numerical but i thought they were quite straight forward and then a lot writing about the numbers. Eg. We had to do a budget v actual excercise. Once we had done that we had to explain the variances. A lot of it was common costs were less as sales were less and so on. I also remember there being a lot about credit control policies which again is straight forward and common sense...send a statement, make a phonecall, write a letter and so on. Another question was to discuss bank loans and overdrafts - pros and cons - and then recommend which one to use to fund certain things - once again common sense (but a lot of writing!)

    The best thing about it being a simulation is that you can go back and make corrections at a later date. Go for it!:001_smile:
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    Unit 15 simulation

    Hi there, well I am new to this site and wanted to know who had completed the Unit 15 simulation as I am really struggling with it!! I have just downloaded the one of the aat web site and found it really difficult. I am studying aat at the advance certificate level and found it strange to see the simulation was technician level. Anyone know why??
  • Richard
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    CMCC is an option at Technician level for AAT NVQ students, but for Diploma it is compulsory at Advanced Certificate level. I have read that the AAT have done this as students were finding the jump from Intermediate to Technician difficult, so have moved CMCC to try and level things out.

    Good luck with yours, I'm waiting for my Sleepy Hollow mock skills test to be marked!!
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