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Just wondering if someone has experienced similar problem... As I wish to get exemptions for ACCA I have to show my AAT statement of achievement with completed Diploma Level. The deadline for sending this to ACCA is 29th Feb. I have missed that as my project for Unit10 hasn't been verified by AAT (external verifier) yet even though I have finished it and submitted to my college a month ago.

Now I don't know whether it make sense to start my ACCA classes from F4 above (and pay for them) if I am not sure I will get the exemptions. ACCA doesn't guarantee it as I have missed the official deadline.

Please share your experience if you've (or someone you know) been through something similar.



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    If you don't get your exemptions in time you will have to pay for F1, 2 and 3 before you can sit F4. You also won't be able to enter for any other exams as there is a maximum sitting of 4. I believe (though not know for sure) that you will still have to pay the exam fee for your exemptions again so it could end up costing you a lot of money.

    You may be better to get the exemptions and enter for exams in December.
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    Thanks for completing the list of problems I might have :confused1: It's probably better to know what the situation is...

    I absolutely hate the idea that I would have to wait long 6 months (because my work is lying somewhere and the appropriate person didn't find time to tick it off - literally ), but if I go ahead with my studies now I may end up paying a lot and maybe would have to wait till December anyway...
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    there is obviously no problem with your motivation !

    use this opportunity to relax and enjoy life for a while, it won't happen again for another few years !!!
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