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Just wondering if someone has experienced similar problem... As I wish to get exemptions for ACCA I have to show my AAT statement of achievement with completed Diploma Level. The deadline for sending this to ACCA is 29th Feb. I have missed that as my project for Unit10 hasn't been verified by AAT (external verifier) yet even though I have finished it and submitted to my college a month ago.

Now I don't know whether it make sense to start my ACCA classes from F4 above (and pay for them) if I am not sure I will get the exemptions. ACCA doesn't guarantee it as I have missed the official deadline.

Please share your experience if you've (or someone you know) been through something similar.



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    ACCA Exempt

    I did my unit 10 with Kaplan and submitted it back in October 2008, but they fail to mark it and report back to AAT. I had to put them under great pressure just before the deadline, however, they only managed to report back to AAT on 28th Feb and AAT reported ACCA on 29th.

    I am still waiting for exemption. I think you should contact both AAT and ACCA for further details and be prepared to wait on the phone for a bit, I mean a lone time for ACCA.

    Good Luck
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    As I understand it you don't have to worry now because you have made it by the deadline and then ACCA guarantees granting the exemptions. If they receive statement from AAT after that then they "don't guarantee". What exactly that means? probably that kicking off the courses is a bet. You may win or lose. How exciting...
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