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I am currently revising for my Professional Ethics skills test, and have been attempting to answer the questions on the specimen test on the website.

Can anybody help me with Task 7 - it concerns a client asking questions about inheritance tax and capital gains tax, and wants some advice on what to do with a large sum of money that the client has received.

The question asks how you would respond, and what ethical issues arise.

Would the correct response be that I would be unable to give him specific advice, and to recommend that he takes proper advice from a financial adviser? Or is the answer something completely different?


  • speegs
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    Hi Richard

    I think you have understood the question really well.

    The point they want to hear (i think) is you say that you are not competent to answer the question, but if they would like to make an appointment with your office they could speak to someone else more qualified.

    I think the answer is something like that. The actual answer should be with the questions on the web so you should be able to check.

  • Richard
    Richard Registered Posts: 373 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hi Speegs,

    Thanks for your reply - with some of these questions I keep thinking that they are trying to catch me out!!
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