CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting?

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CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

Has anyone done/doing this, or know anyone that has?
Is it worth doing? It seems to be more management/reporting/maths based.
Would it add anything to AAT, it could be done in a year.


  • SandyHood
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    As far as CIMA managerial level is concerned candidates can start with AAT, this makes you exempt the certificate. There is a lot in common, but they are a long way from being identical.
    I tend top recommend students to take the Business Mathematics unit as an option before starting either ACCA or CIMA using the AAT exemptions as it is often the statistical expectations of both awarding bodies that can cause difficulties later on.

    It is up to you of course, but as both courses are seen as equivalent you may be better advised to develop your CV through the work you do rather than a parallel qualification.
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