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So I have an interview for the NHS tomorrow, could anyone give me any questions they might ask me and answers to them please?? Its a lot to do with fixed asset registers and also dealing with reclaiming VAT .... more information on these 2 things would be great too in regards to the NHS though. Thanks x


  • jorja1986
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    In my interview they asked the usual.

    Why are you leaving prev employment,
    What would you do in this situation and there were several scenarios
    Relevant experience and skills - They wanted examples of how I improved situations etc.
    How I got on iwht previous employees and what I thought they thought of me and my work
    TBH we cant advise you on answers as you are the one the want to interview not joe down the road.

    Be yourself answer honestly and everything (fingers crossed for you) will be fine
  • A-Vic
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    one question ive found pop up in large organisation interviews is

    How do you deal with pressure? - use examples from your personal and employment past

    btw good luck :001_smile:
  • kendall17
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    let us know how you got on bret!
  • A-Vic
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    yeah were all waiting to see how you got on and what they ended up asking?
  • brett316
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    Thanks for your messages guys. Didn't get the job unfortunately.

    There was mostly questions about what I already knew about the job like the difference between capital and revenue, which I was fine with .... no real normal interview questions like i expected.

    The guy did ring me though and say I was 2nd in line for the job, I answered everything really well just the other person was already AAT qualified and I'm only finishing my intermediate level this year which was the reason why I didn't get it. That made me better because I always think I'm really bad at interviews, someone will give me an opportunity eventually.
  • A-Vic
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    Aww sorry to hear that brett but hey well done at getting that far - and the feed back sounded great.

    Dont be dis heartened, i find there are not bad interviews but good learning and ready for the next :001_smile:
  • kendall17
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    unlucky brett, atleast you're only down fall was not being qualified!

    i hate interviews as much as i do the dentist but always come out with a positive outlook.

    think and stay positive and another job will pop up eventually
  • babegirl
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    hey guys
    I have spent 3 years in accounting and till today i still dont get help with my training and been dropped cv's to accountancy practice , jobs search on the internet still i didnt find any luck and i feel upset about it,
    if any of you have any tips and idea ? i feel like im alone !!??
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