Will I Be Qualified To File Tax Returns

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On completion of the full Diploma course, will I be qualified to file tax returns for small businesses? The advisor at the college wasn't sure, and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
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  • NeilH
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    Tax isn't a regulated area so in theory any Tom, Dick or Harry can carry out tax work regardless of qualification or not. As to the AAT providing you with sufficient knowledge, it will depend on the options you take and the level of tax work you will undertake. If you become an AAT full member you will need to apply to the Members in Practice scheme for a License and for tax work to be inlcuded in the license you will need to have some relevant experience.

    The ultimate responsibility for tax returns lies with the individual or business concerned, however you can register with HMRC to become an agent so as to submit returns and make enquries on behalf of the individual/business.

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