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Did anyone put one of these in their project?

If so what did it say, just trying to finish off. I've done it on my previous employment so not sure how to approach to ask them to sign - not on bad terms or anything, just wondering if it is necessary to add one.



  • *Sarah*
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    Hi Ally

    I was under the impression this is a compulsary part of the unit, I could be wrong though

    Sarah x
  • karenv
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    Yes it is needed. It needs to say that this is your own work and that the manager has reviewed it, mine also commented on the contents of the report etc.
    However I think under some circumstance your tutor can do this provided they are convinced that it was based on your work.
  • mfernott
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    Hi Ally

    I just pre-typed a letter with my managers name under it and got him to read and sign.

    All mine said was something like "I have read and reviewed the Unit 10 MSP project of xx candidate number xxxxx and confirm that this is the student's unaided work and that the content of the report has been read and acknowledged".

    Remember to get it on company headed paper and date around the time of your final interview.
  • Pebbles
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    Mine read:

    I am signing this as the student's manager or supervisor to say that I have read and reviewed this work and discussed the recommendations orally with the student and can confirm that it is the student's own, unaided work.

    I understand that the college may contact me to confirm that this is the case.





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