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Employers with jobs going :001_unsure:

Job i recently applied for have come back to me today, not taking it any further, as their concerned that i wouldnt stay in the job long as im studying, & I would be looking to move on.
It was credit control in an accountancy practice, ie. dealing with their own clients.
I was right in the middle of their salary range, & would expect anyone in this area of work to either be studying or more qualified.

Employers always say they want people to be learning & being qualified.


  • sarahwilson
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    Its a nightmare isn't it trying to find something, if you are studying already they think you are too ambitious and if you are looking for support they think you are taking the mick. I really struggled, just keep trying and something will turn up.

    On the bright side 24 minutes and its pub time!!
  • richardw
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    2 things from today, grrr!

    Job above
    It seems that we have an ex-student working for them on a 'year out', & they have been offered sponsorship for 3 years of ACA. They are on a year out as they failed their exams & the re-sits, (not a finance/accounting related course) & were withdrawn :huh:

    Position advertised in local paper last thursday:
    Advert stated application form & details were available on their website, not there thurs eve. Emailed & got a reply friday stating that they wernt yet up. Received info Monday lunchtime.
    16 page pdf document, job details on 2 pages, with something that wasnt mentioned at all on the job advert:
    'Hold a current, valid driving license with access to a vehicle suitable for business use'
    If something is a requirement of the job, it should be on the job advert, not buried at the end of the job description. :glare:

    I know how this paper operates as well, we used to get last minute deals on placing ads with them, & they have to be with them the morning of the day before, so the job advert will have been with the paper on the wednesday morning.
  • Cullen
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    It's a bit harsh that they have chosen a failed student to take a trainee position involving three years of very technical studies.

    I take it you can't drive or have a car ? I agree the advert was a bit misleading.

    A colleague of mine left us recently to start working for our competitor. He left midweek, started working for the new lot on Thursday and we all met for a drink on Saturday to wish him well in his new position. The poor bloke came in almost in tears, asking could he have his job back. He only lasted one day. The job was advertised at 3K per annum more than we were paying him, he sailed through the interview was asked if he had any questions and he said no. However when he started work with them he was told the pay was actually a really low basic, much lower than what he was on and the balance was made up by bonuses if he attained his targets. After talking to the others there it transpired all the targets were nigh on impossible to achieve. He challenged his new boss who told him he should have resolved this at the interview!

    So it taught me a lesson, a job advertisement is just a slick sugary way of enticing applicants in through the door. You really have to research an employer and the benefits and their expectations exceedingly well.

    I hope you find an employer who is worthy of all you have to bring to the job. Good luck.
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    Cullen that was really rough on your colleague.....sometimes you almost take it for red on the advert what the job entails, or pays.

    I am sure that you will find something - think of it like this - Do you really want to work for a company who would rather risk it all on a failed student on a gap year, than a willing and concentious student of accounting?
  • richardw
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    I always try & do a bit of digging/research when I see a job ad

    the 2nd position, its a public sector organisation, located right in the middle of birmingham. auditing an organisation in the same building.

    i dont drive yet, just not really got round to learning, other things end up taking priority.
    lot of my friends dont drive, think its from living in a big city
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