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Sage 50

JentelJentel Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 60
:confused1: Hi
I am studying intermediate and only having used Sage in foundation, i have been given the opportunity to practicing the use of sage and need help. I want to change the financial year but a message comes up 'i will lose all previous data if i change it' (or words to that effect). Does this mean that all the previous years data will be lost?

I will be having more questions about sage so look forward to any help i can get - Thanks


  • JanJan Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 654
    Are you sure you want to change the financial year and not just the financial date? Changing the financial year is very rare - I've never done it and so would heed the warning!
    Changing the date will just set your default date to what you change it to - ie if you create any invoices that is the date which will be shown.
  • ItalianShortfuseItalianShortfuse Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    Generally speaking, my advice is visiting the support section of the Sage Website and download the free user guide for Line 50 or whatever program you are using. It is quite handy to have it open while sifting all the tabs and icon.
  • JentelJentel Feels At Home Registered Posts: 60

    Still a little confused. The date that you change at the start of financial account year is that not known as the 'financial year date' I don't understand if you have not changed it before.

    I have tried to look for the sage website but having trouble. Do you have the web address.

    I only use sage at the weekends as i am practicing at a company that has the software but they do not use it.
  • JanJan Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 654
    Are you trying to close the year off in order to start a new year? In which case you don't just change the financial year date via settings. You need to do it via tools, period end. Going into "help" and type in period end or year end. It should come up with what you need - step by step instructions can be printed out.

    To access the web site - google sage. I think it is Sage.co.uk

    Hope this helps
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