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For the last 5.5years I have worked in an accounting environment, 2.5yrs in Sales ledger and 3yrs in Purchase ledger. I am in the final stages of completing the AAT Technician.

I have recently joined a recruitment agency as I would like to find a job as an assitant accountant and unfortunately am unable to do this at my current work. They have advised me that I should expect to take a significant pay cut to gain this experience (18k down to 14k)

Ideally I don't want to have to go backwards, does anyone have advice on how to approach companies to give you a chance?


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    Looking for work

    I read in the recent article on this site(yesterday infact), that a qualification as technician would incurr an wage increase of approx 10% - 15% therefore between 1k and 3k pending on your current salary. I think anyone who is qualifying for AAT would be foolish to take a wage cut after reaching the qualification.

    For examples of wages in your area you can look at the Hays Website (which i believe most employers get their information from for salary scales)


    Select the industry and area you are in and you will be able to get an idea of the salary you should expect.

    I think the best way to approach companies, in the first instance is with your qualification, and also the fact that you have 5.5yrs experience is surely a good thing. GOOD LUCK!!

    Hope this helps

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    :huh: It sounds like the are not looking at the rihgt sort of job for you.

    An Assistant accountant earns significantly more than 12k.

    A TRAINEE accountant on the other hand who requires help will earn £14k.

    You have previous accounts experience albeit on ledgers but many see that as a gd start as they dont have to explain how they work - some Accounting Grads I have worked with haven't a clue.
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    Thanks for the advice.
    I've voiced my concerns to my class mates too who think this is madness. Fingers crossed that someone will be willling to give me a chance :)
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