Unit 10 - Desperate for help

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Hi there,

I haven't started my project as yet because I have no idea where to begin. I know what my theme is but for starters how much detail do i need to put in my plan?


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    The most important thing to remember is that your project MUST cover all PCs K&Us and the range statement of unit 10 for you to achieve competency in this unit.

    The first thing to do is to draw your organisational chart and your position in it. Explain this in detail and it will cover one of your K&U.

    This will identify the number of people in your department and then you must concentrate on them and the department's accounting function/s.

    Your project must be in four parts

    1-managing people (a) review the competency of each of the employee in your department and recommend suitable training if required. - to do this you will need to prepare a SWOT table for employees and a training analysis table assessing any training needs. From the two you need to write synopsis on each of the employee covering their past work experience, present work experience, any suitable qualifications etc, and identify at least one problem with that employee. Positively recommend what training that employees requires. Remember training can be internal or external. It can be IT related or any part that will make that employee competent to carry out his/her's function.

    (b) Each employee must have a cover in case of sickness, holiday and therefore you must prepare a contingency plan table. write another synopsis on each job function, what that that job entails and positively plan for contingency cover. You must also plan for other contingencies, other then employee's. ie IT, or petty cash, or stock, etc

    2-manage accounting functions- (c) Describe the accounting functions in your department and the work procedure. What problems does your department faces, what impact doe it have on your organisation and how are they resolved. You need to identify at least 2 to 3 problems, analyse it, consider it's effect on your organisation and what are you going to recommend to resolve them.

    (d) write on each of the accounting functions and identify and potential for fraud. Analyse it's effect on the organisation and how you may resolve this problem. You will need to do a risk analysis table that will go in the appendix of the report.

    Remember to identify as many problems as possible as they are an opportunity for you to cover you PC's and K&U's. Treat problems as positive and you will find that you will start to enjoy doing this project. It's easy.

    Continue to write your conclusion making sure that you cover all the above 4 points and FINALLY write a review on the changes that may have or will have occurred on your recommendations.

    Project Done!
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    visha wrote: »
    The most important thing to remember is that your project MUST cover all PCs K&Us and the range statement of unit 10 for you to achieve competency in this unit.
    Well, technically yes but anything that's not actually covered in your report can be covered through oral questioning by your tutor. I found it better to give a coherent argument rather than to try to cover every element.

    Having said that, there are certainly some things you need to include. Already mentioned - SWOT analysis of current system, contingency planning, fraud. I'd also add cost/benefit analysis and how the effectiveness of any proposed changes will be measured/monitored

    There is a fair amount of «guidance» in the 'Students' section of this website including a template which I found useful at least as a starting point.
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