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Please Help

furryfeet1690furryfeet1690 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3
Can anyone please give me any advice. I live in the west of Scotland. I have just completed AAT Foundation level and have just begun Intermediate level. However, I don't currently work in an accounts environment, I've been looking for any jobs in an accounts office but nearly every vacancy requires people with experience, there is even jobs advertised for trainee accounts positions stating "A great role to gain experience within a large multinational company" but then they go on to say, must have experience in: Purchase Ledger, Credit Control etc... What chance have i got?? Does anyone have any ideas what i should be doing please??


  • richardwrichardw Well-Known Registered Posts: 108
    You could always apply for the positions, highlighting that your studying for AAT.

    Always a contradiction on job ads, they want people with qualifications & experience, but they dont want to be the ones providing some of that experience.
  • furryfeet1690furryfeet1690 Just Joined Registered Posts: 3

    I've been applying for jobs but had no interviews. I had a little look at trying for a graduate scheme once i complete my AAT but got absolutely no idea of how i go about it.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 103,155

    My advice is to try searching the web for job vacancies in smaller companies as these are more likely to not require experience in the area of accountancy.

    Also, you might find some useful advice (if not in books) on the web.

    Try this for a start:


    hope this is some help.
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