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Hi when should you use the period end in SAGE, when is it important to clear customer turnover figures, what does it do and why would you want to do it.



  • jojo
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    Hello Catja
    Period end in Sage is used if you want to produce regular reports of Management Accounts, usually monthly or quarterly. If used,some of the data clears down and you start again. I am not an expert on it as I don't use period end. Does it not explain in the Sage Book,or on their help menu? I have working for various small companies for some years now, and prefer to run periodical reports by putting the relevant dates in the report criteria for printing them off. Problems can occur if you post a back dated entry, you need to check your cumulative figures for the Year to Date against the individual totals for each period for the year to check that they agree.
    The turnover figures are cumulative unless cleared down, then I think they start again.
    I always clear them at Year End.
    Hope this helps.
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