Has anyone else managed to do it????

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Can I Do It????
Hi Guys!

I have had a lot on lately! And only just started thinking about June 2008 exams! Does anyone think that it is possible me to pass MAC (Resit from Dec07) DFS and PTC in June!
On top of that i have the project which to be fair i am fairly confident about!

Does anyone think i can do it?? Has anyone done it??
I am willing to 2 months hardcore revision! Plus attend tutor classes and revision classes with Kaplan!

guys am i doing too much!!?? Really want it over and done with!

p.s Also will have to do Auditing Sim and FRA sim which i could do after exams!

:confu sed1:


  • melc25
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    Good luck

    Just get your head down it'll be worth it! What I'd do is concentrate on what you think you can pass, firstly, then work on what you are not so hot on so if you fail not too bad, I know that's a bit backwards but might be the only way to pass the most..
  • Stan Bown
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    I don't know if this technique will help you. I went for the BTC unit exam last December, studying it by distance learning, and six weeks before I was half way through the syllabus and panicking slightly. I asked my tutor (I am studying the rest of the Technician at a local college) if she had any tips for how to pass in the time left. She suggested reading the rest of the syllabus quickly and then getting stuck into past papers, using the questions to learn the syllabus as I went. It worked a treat for me - I passed.

    I also use picture diagrams to learn from rather than straight notes. Get a sheet of A3, jot down the major topics from each section and make short notes under each; add any arrows if there is a process involved.

    Good luck.
  • sharon
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    Thanks for your help.
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