P35 - P11D Question

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Hi Guys

I know its early but it's just one of those niggling questions, and it's usually director only companies that I am talking about.

On the P35, if it's getting close to the 19th May and you are not sure if P11d's will be due, do you

indicate they are not due and if they are then submit later prior to the 6th July


indicate that they are due, and if they turn out not to be due what happens then, it would be too late to alter the P35 that would have been submitted electronically.



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    I normally say they are due and then, if it turns out they are not in fact due, submit a letter saying that they will not be forthcoming.

    You could do it the other way round but I suspect HMRC would rather you didn't.
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    P35 - P11D's

    Dean is right but there is an easier way.

    Remember that the P11D(b) is a mandatory form and has to be submitted by 6 July whether there are P11D's or not or even if there is no Class 1A to calculate.

    Just submit the P11D(b) with a tick in the first box stating that there are no P11D's to forward.

    Since this is a form which has to be submitted anyway it saves doing a letter.
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