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Hi all,

I just qualified in Jan and have been applying for jobs mainly Trainee positions. I dont really seem to be getting anywhere, I have yet to get to interview stage. I have recently come out of another career so have little experience, although i have been doing some volunteer work two days a week for the past three months, my work mainly consists of working with sage entering purchase invoices, supplier payments, jounals and month ends. Agencies promise you the world then you never hear from them again, im starting to wonder was it worth it all. Could anybody give me any ideas on how to get on the ladder, by the way i come from Northern Ireland.


  • pablod
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    from what you have said, voluntary work was definately a good decision to have made. At least now you have 'experience'.

    I left my last job in my first year, and it took me another whole year to be employed in an accounts role.

    My advice is stick at what your doing, companies DO need juniors with little or no experience, as it is their chance to train people up to 'their way of doing things'. so keep applying, and if it is economically beneficial to you keep doing the voluntary work.

    I hope this helps
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    I feel since you have no experience it's hard for you to prove you can put your theory into practice. You may have to start at the very bottom initially on low pay just to get your foot in the door. Good luck.
  • olivia
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    Thank you for your comments.
  • suleman
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    Hi Olivia,

    I really like your idea of being Volunteer in the start. in this way you would get a good practical experience which must help you to get on the ladder.Just try and learn things so that you can prove yourself in your interviews.

  • olivia
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    Thanks suleman, for your comments. I am looking for more advice, I have got an interview on Monday It is a temporary role for one year. The role will involve Sales/Purchase ledger, Bank rec's, Vat returns ect, I have agood idea about these duties but need to know what I might be asked and what questions I should ask them. This is my first interview and just a little bit nervous. Any advice would be great. Thanks olivia.
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