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I'm fairly new to MIP and was just wondering how many hours/points of CPD you have to accumulate throughout the year? I know it might sound a bit thick but when the pack arrived fom the AAT the guides they sent had been photocopied and every other page had been missed out.

Also does the Branch network meetings count towards your CPD? I know that they are free but just thought i'd ask the question.




  • whiterose
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    The new system of CPD means that you are not logging hours, or points, but rather making an assessment of your CPD needs and then doing what you need to do in order to achieve that. It sounds complicated but I don't think it is in practice. See the helpful stuff on the website including the online CPD log. And yes, your attendance at branch meetings does count.
    Good luck.
  • claudialowe
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    There are also some brilliant, and free, courses on the new CPD. These explain everything that you need to know and how to go about it.

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