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hi all

finished my project now have to reference all my work with each element.

i must have mental block or something because im not sure what to put in all the evidence boxes whether its just a little summary of how i completed the element or other.

any help appreciated



  • Gianni
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    I numbered my paragraphs according to sections. For example, section 2 maybe the analysis. So I'd have 2.1, 2.2, depending on how many paragraphs I had. From here I just wrote these numbers in the evidence boxes, that way the assessor can check for themselves.
  • jackie
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    You have to reference the tracking sheets with relevant paragraphs in the project. So,using a pencil until you are sure, number each paragraph in the project to start with and then on the tracking sheets look at the performance criteria and next to it put the relevant paragraph(s)number and page(s) numbers. When I did mine I found that some paragraphs in my project covered more than one evidence criteria required.
    It took me quite a while to do mine and can be quite frustrating but it is worth spending the time as it would be a shame if the project was returned just because this part was incorrect.

    Good Luck,

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