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Bexi Boo
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Because I am studying at home with a distance learning provider the AAT has classified me as an EXTERNAL STUDENT. This means that I can only sit my exams where external students are accepted.

I couldn't sit the December exam at my local college,which is 10 minutes from my home as I am not registered with them. I had to make a 4 hour return journey. All the centres near my home refused to accept external candidates. I found this insulting and degrading!

Is it me or has anybody else had problems finding exam centres?


  • coocoocadgoo
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    I had this problem too for my foundation year, but luckily could go to a centre about 20 miles from home. This year however, because I overlapped Intermediate with Technician (intermediate being as distance learning and technician at my local college) I asked the college if they minded sitting my exams there. They said yes, so that was great.
    Some colleges will accept, if you offer to pay a fee for the external verifier.
    I found it very frustrating and a bit daunting when they said I would have to go to London etc. I don't see why more local colleges won't accept exam students only for a fee. As long as they've got one pupil sitting the exam, the college has to pay for the verifier anyway!
  • CelticStar
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    I am having this problem as well. I am studying for my exams via distance learning because I haven't been very well so haven't been able to attend college. The problem with this is that I am faced with a four hour round trip for each exam because none of the local centres will accept me as an external entrant. Obviously, this would be difficult if I was feeling well, but at the moment it is daunting and if I had known about it in the beginning I don't know if I would have decided to take the AAT qualification. I think that it is very unfair that the AAT does not stipulate that if you are an AAT Centre then you must accept external entrants but that they are able to charge a fee for doing so.
  • Delle
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    I am a distance learning student, i will be sitting for my exams in June at Kaplan Financial in Manchester. Do i need to get in contact with them before i actually sit my exams? What are the procedures? Please help! Thanks
  • NeilH
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    Hi Delle

    Providing the centre was on the list of centres accepting external students, there is no need to contact them in advance.

  • jorja1986
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    I have been fortunate and a local centre will take me.

    However I do know someone who was messed about being told 1 minute yes you can sit here then oh by the way you have to go to our centre in devon to sit your exams.

    She managed to sit locally but for what i felt an very large fee.

    Fair enough if noone else is sitting the exam to pay a slightly higher fee for an additional invigilator but if the class is already being sat why so much more? The course is very expensive as it is without the additional worries of who much it will cost to sit exams that you HAVE to. Not saying the course isnt worth the money by the way at all.
  • Primble
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    kaplan wouldn't let me take exams at their centre in norwich because i am external. Luckily I got in touch with the aat who emailed back really quickly and told me which list to pick from when enrolling for exams and there was another one about an hour away from me. stupid parents living in norfolk where you have to drive hours to get anywhere useful.
    I thought it was rude that I couldn't sit with kaplan when Theyve had liuke a grand so I can study with them. Anyone else had problems with them in general
  • Delle
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    Hi all,

    I have just rang the AAT asking if i need to inform Kaplan Financial that i will be sitting my June exams there. A guy at the student services called Ricardo, has told me that I DO NOT need to contact them before the exam, that i have automatically been entered for my exams there. So lets hope for the best.


    By the way , thanks Neil
  • student4567
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    Hi all, I have the same problem with my local College, there is the link at the aat website where you can find your local assessment venues by postal code https://www.aat.org.uk/assessment/assessment-venue/search
  • louise d
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    I too have a four hour round trip to do exams, but living where I live, I knew this would happen - there isn't a college any closer that does AAT, so at least it wasn't a nasty shock. Expensive, though.
  • Dipa
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    I am trying to get started with self study and am wondering if I need a training provider??
    And how to register? Looking for Level 2 &3.
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