Can A College Stu Choose Nvq Pathway For Aat

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hi my name is natasha and i live in manchester i just finished my college and now want to go in accounting field and feel like AAT is a good course for me but the centres in manchester only held NVQ pathway not the diploma one so I want to ask that is there any one here done NVQ pathway in the circumstances i have or can I chose NVQ pathway to do AAT ????????? please reply



  • jorja1986
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    When I started AAT I was not in an accounting job and done the NVQ pathway.

    I did not have a problem with it. The only part that is a bit more difficult is completing the sections of the portfolio that require work assessments Working with Computer etc. If you speak to your provider I am sure that they will be able to help with this as mine did.

    As you get further through the years of training you will be able to apply for jobs amnd hopefully you will be able to get into one.

    I believe some long distance learners provide the diploma but you need to look around as I have no knowledge on this
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    Youll find that colleges usually only do the NVQ, they get funding for it from the government.
    The diploma & nvq are almost identical, the only differences being the order of some of the units, & the nvq having some 'nvq' bits
    Are BPP & Kaplan/ftc not in manchester? They will probably do the diploma as well.
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    I'm well into my intermidiate year, on the NVQ pathway, having completed foundation at college, and they provide simulational and training that covers all of the required elements, you can put additional work into your portfolio, but it isn't neccessary.
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