To stay or go - I don't know?????

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I'm in a bit of a tizz as to whether I should stay in my current job or move on. I passed the technician level in Feb (well chuffed) and was thinking about progressing onto CIMA. My current job (Accounts manager / sales ledger) doesnt even cover what I have learnt with AAT (except foundation and maybe a wee bit of intermediate knowledge) and there is no real progression chances within the company where I am plus they are very strict on "segretation of duties".
The company is really good to work for and we have excellent benefits but the finance controller really doesn't show much interest in her staff progressing their career and as such trying to get additional work which covers what I have studied is proving quite hard - she doesn't even know what I have studied with AAT (she had never heard of them until I joined the company - i can remember explaining to her at my interview!)
But I have had a look at some jobs on agency web sites and have thought that allthough I now have the knowledge for most of the jobs i have looked at, i do not have enough practical experience and now I am thinking is the grass really greener on the other side but i don't want to just plod along either!!!!


  • jorja1986
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    It is always easier to find another job when you are already in one.

    If you want to proceed your career is does sound like your company will not have the scope to do this.

    You cant be penalised by your current employer looking for jobs.
  • ssneha7
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    Look for another job dear. there is no point getting higher qualification without having enough experience. Go for it without thinking much
  • Beth
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    Go for a new one. There's no point in being in a company where you can't progress, especially if you're planning on doing a higher level accounting qualification. Try and get a more general role, covering all areas of the accounts department because you should learn more and have way more opportunity!
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