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I'm looking to get a job in practice but do you think firms will take me on if I just want to work as an accounting technician without going further with my studies and doing the acca/aca?


  • mowzer
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    The small firm where i work will support aca/acca but it is purely optional.

    The partners have the philosophy that actual ability to do the job is more important than qualifications, and there are very few qualified people in our office, but everyone is happy here.

    I don't know how typical this is of private practice, but there must be some other places like mine out there. I think mainly small partnerships, don't know if that's the type of thing you were looking for; I love the work but not the salary!

    Good luck :001_smile:
  • Dean
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    lgarside, this is an easy one to answer; there is always a need for good AAT qualifieds!


  • lgarside
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    Thanks Dean, you just always wonder becuase there is so much emphasis on studying the ACCA/ACA. What kind of salary do you think Ican expect to be on if I work in practice both now and in a few years time. The trainee accounts position I'm applying for says 11,000 but this is to train the aat route. As I will already have this/be 2 exams off qualifying I would hope to be able to negotiate more like 15,000. What do you think? You hear of people who are aat qualified on 20,000 at least so it must be possible!!!!!!!
  • A-Vic
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    Totally agree with Dean Education Education Education - what if you lost your job or wanted to leave what would you leave with? yes plenty of experience but no qualifactions! and if you read every second post on here its the complants i have experience but not quilified enough ect...

    I think what am trying to say is for sure get the best eucation you can while you can.
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