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Im in my final year of AAT at technician level and I have a place at university for accountancy and finance this september 2008.

Im really lost because i heard from some people that the degree is a waste of time and other people say that with a degree you can get a place in an accounting firm to train to become a chartered accountant.

I want to reach ACCA of course and i know i can get into it after AAT technician. I need to know whether to do the degree or go onto ACCA. I desperately need to know if doing the degree is a good career route because even after you do the ACCA you need experience to step into accountancy jobs.

All help is appreciated!


  • mowzer
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    Have you heard about the Oxford Brookes degree you can do in conjunction with ACCA?

    This could be the best of both worlds
  • koolboi2007
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    Yes i heard about the degree that Oxford brookes uni offer to ACCA students but is that degree same as the acountancy and finance degree?
  • welshwizard
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    IMHO you should go straight to ACCA - you get exemptions from some papers and could (in theory be Chartered status within 2 -3 years. Do an accountancy degree and you could still find you have to complete some - if not lots of papers from ACCA. Also, bear in mind all the debt you build up doing undergraduate courses - you may as well use your NVQ 4 and build up any debt (unless you can get a job with training) whilst doing the ACCA. I would check with to see what exemptions the degree gives you in conjunction with your AAT qulaifications. You may find that spending 3 years at Uni would only give you exemption from 5 extra papers.
    I don't think you would get exemption from the Professional papers so really you should seriously consider doing the ACCA straight after AAT.

  • koolboi2007
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    Thanx for your advice welshwizard . I am thinking of doing ACCA but even if i went to university i dont think i would get into debt. What sort of jobs can i apply for whilst studying ACCA?
  • popcornlpw
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    I am going to uni this Sept too (account & finance) 2 years couse equipvalent as ACCA paper F1 to F9 - after this I am going to ACCA - 1 year(the last 4 paper P1 to P4).

    the degree is more exp than ACCA about £3k for 2 years (ACCA £400x9 papers = £3.6k - degree £3k x 2 year )but they teach u other usefull skills for u to be able to work in office as well not only just do the passed paper to pass your exam.

    here u go that your call and good luck to your study

  • koolboi2007
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    THanx popcornlpw

    i appreciate your help very much. I am thinking of doing the degree and ACCA at the same time. I just need to know what jobs to apply for during the degree.
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