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ifv we sell to the UK we cahrge VAT.

what about if we sell abroad a)Europe
b)Out Of Europe

do you need vat numbers to NOT charge VAT ?

please advice.



  • claudialowe
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    This is a very, very, very broad outline - you will need to read the VAT notices (which are actually really quite helpful!) to get the ins and outs of it all.

    If you are supplying goods/services to another EU member state, and if they are VAT registered, then it is exempt from VAT, but you must have their VAT number and put it on your invoice.

    If you are supplying goods/services outside the EU, then these are exempt from VAT.

    Both of the above are subject to lots of ifs and buts....... but then you wouldn't expect any different would you now :confused1:

  • Poodle
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    Is it not 'zero' rated as opposed to 'exempt'

  • deanshepherd
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    Also, if you are supplying services, the supply may be outside the scope of UK VAT.

    The answer depends on your circumstances.
  • tonyd
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    You will also need to keep proof of export, i allways attach a copy of the "bill of lading" to the back of the sales invoice.

    Customs often ask for evidence that the goods "physically" left the UK.
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