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Does anybody study classroom lessons with BPP at Cambridge? I have sent two emails asking for information relating to the course and heard nothing. I sent the first email in the middle of March. If this is how they respond before you sign up, how good are they when you have paid £1700 for a course??

At the moment I am studying by distance learning, but wanted to complete the final part (diploma) using a classroom provider as I think it will be difficult.



  • speegs
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    I study with BPP London and they are fantastic. However, the admin can let them down sometimes. If you call there London office on 0845 075 1100 (option 3) they should be able to point you in the right direction. However, emailing them is nearly always a waste of time.

    Good luck

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    You should be able to download dates and attedance details from the BPP website. If emails dont work, why not call them? Generally I've found BPP taught corses to be excellent (for CIMA) and better than FTC.

  • jackieshep
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    Thanks guys,

    I'll give them a call on Monday:001_smile:

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