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Celtic Angel
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I've a friend at college who doesn't have access to the forums and has asked me to post on her behalf. She is finding the college tutoring somewhat bewildering and would prefer to learn from books and past exam papers as she has in previous years when studying from a distance.

However, the past papers for the personal taxation do not relate to the current tax year. Has anyone got answers that would relate to the current year or have we really only got the couple of examples in the book?

Obviously you can download the papers but not sure if the answers will make sense

Can anyone help?


  • Ruddock1980
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    Celtic Angel

    The BPP Combined Companion is proberly the best book as it has questions and past papers which includes the relating tax year answers.

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    Yes, buy this book. You can get it on Amazon or from BPP. They have updated the past papers inline with 07/08 tax rules. I think there are 4 past papers to practice with and in addition lots of practice questions.

    If you practice with the papers on the AAT website, you may get confused since the rules are different.

    Kaplan books are good too.
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    There are five past papers in the BPP book and three more in the Kaplan book.

    Osborne books also have loads of past papers for practicing to.

    All of these books relate the papers to the current tax year that we are studying (2007/08).

    Good luck.
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