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Hi, I came in today and found someone had reconciled to 3rd April on the bank statements (on SAGE Instants), my year end is 31/03/08 and I was hoping to reconcile to that date first and print a report (although my copy of SAGE instants doesn't give you an option to print report after clicking reconcile -when do you print the report.

Anyway it means the bank is reconciled past the year end with no report to prove it.

How is this going to affect things. Should I restore to an older copy of SAGE and try and amend the rest of the transactions or should I just carry on?

I am assuming if you had of reconciled up to 31/03/08 and printed off the report you could carry on reconciling into the new year before closing down the year end.


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    Bank rec

    Hi Cordie
    How annoying for you - I hate it when people meddle with my work!:mad2:

    You could restore to your previous backup, but how much work would you loose? It might be quicker to do a manual bank rec as it has only gone three days beyond the year end.
    If you run a bank reconcilliation report at 3/4/08 (go to BANK module, REPORTs, then look for Unreconciled Bank Receipts and Payments) it shouldn't be far off the rec at 31/3/08, so it should help you to identify o/s items.
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